The Arkansas Department of Human Services investigates allegations of child maltreatment and adult maltreatment.  An investigation results in either a true finding or an unsubstantiated finding.

When DHS makes a true finding you have the right to appeal the finding to an administrative law judge within 30 days after you’ve been notified of the finding.

DHS’ findings are frequently overturned when they are appealed.

True findings can affect your life if:

  • You are involved or think you may be involved later in a divorce, child custody, or         guardianship proceeding;
  • You are a teacher, nurse, doctor, or other professional that frequently works with children or the elderly;
  • You are a day care worker or nursing home worker;
  • You are in school or wish to get licensed to do any of these things.

Robert Depper has the experience and expertise to competently and professionally fight true findings of child and adult maltreatment.